Rights of Way Improvement Plan consultation

All highway authorities are required to have a rights of way improvement plan (ROWIP). This should be reviewed every ten years. We have now produced a new draft ROWIP.

Early in 2018 we asked for the views of the public and organisations around what our priorities should be for rights of way.  We received 411 responses showing that in North East Lincolnshire public rights of way are important to people.  We have taken these views into account in producing this draft plan.

The plan sets out our priorities and actions to improve North East Lincolnshire’s public rights of way over the next 10 years. These actions will help us to provide a well maintained public rights of way network. 

This consultation is your chance to have your say on North East Lincolnshire Council’s draft rights of way improvement plan. 

The consultation will help us to check whether we have come to the right conclusions and have included the right actions. Your responses to this consultation will help us produce the final version of the rights of way improvement plan. The final draft of the plan will be finished in late 2020 and then adopted by the council.
Please tell us in what capacity you are completing this questionnaire: 
Please select the option from the list below that most closely represents how you will be responding to this consultation.  
Do you currently use Public Rights of Way in North East Lincolnshire?
How often do you use Public Rights of Way in North East Lincolnshire?
Your Response to the Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP)
Was the ROWIP document easy to understand?
Through our preparation of the ROWIP we identified the following themes which are summarised on pages 27 of the draft plan:

Network Maintenance and Access – Maintaining and developing accessibility.

Improve Information and access to information – Develop and promote Public Rights of Way information.

Creating Network Links – Improving connectivity and opportunities.

Records – Keep Definitive Map up to date, look at consolidating the map.

Links to other Plans, Strategies and changes in legislation – How the ROWIP fits with other plans and potential opportunities for Public Rights of Way.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of our six themes? 
Strongly agree
Tend to agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Tend to disagree
Strongly disagree
Don’t know
Network Maintenance and Access
Improve Information and access to information
Creating Network Links
Links to other Plans, Strategies and changes in legislation
Do you have any other comments on the ROWIP?